Refuse to let systemic voter suppression
stop your voice. The fight to end racism
begins with your vote.

Vote for local, state and national candidates who will:

Reform the Criminal
Justice System

Insist judges, DA's and mayors take
real steps to end police brutality,
stop racial profiling, enact fair
sentencing and dismantle the for-
profit prison system.

Secure Adequate

Make access to healthcare an equal
right. Insist employers provide
preventive care and health benefits
such as paid sick leave.

Get Better Jobs &
Economic Power

Demand equal pay for equal
work, fair banking practices
and an end to hiring

Create True Equal

Properly fund local schools in
every zip code and provide
student debt relief for those
attending colleges and
technical schools.

Eliminate Voter

Call for the restoration of
voting rights, the end of
blocked access and the end
of voting districts drawn for
political advantage.

Demand the Right to
Clean Air & Water

Insist on real response to climate change,
hold corporations accountable and
demand they provide remedy for the
disproportionate environmental health
hazards in communities of color.

get involved

We can change our community, city,
state and nation.

Get friends and family ready to use
their voting power.